Monday, September 7, 2009

What a man Chris really is...but look on the bright side...Rihanna's sooooo over him :-)

Doesn't it suck that this really cute dude, nice smile and all, hot dance moves and a cute Lil' face could do this? During his interview with Larry king, he said he didn't remember. I keep wondering how the hell that's possible.
Then you look at his mother at the same interview. She didn't have to say it was hard to hear it from him because as a woman who had been beaten by the man she loved she would not have been able to understand it easily. Chris once said in an interview that he punched his step dad once because he was hitting his mom. Speaking for myself, I would gladly shoot a guy and do time for it than have some dude that I'm supposed to love beat on me. Who the fuck does he think he is? Some dudes would say they don't know what comes over them-it just happens. I say BULLSHIT!!!!! control yourself before it gets too hard to do it. Walk out of the house... Do something, but don't hit her!
Rihanna has moved on. I don't know who she's moved on to. What I know is her pictures that she is to shed her good girl image and step in to the bad side. She posed almost naked for a magazine looking all super-bad with herself.
Not to mention her song and video withKanye west...paranoid which is super cool by the way...any way I'll upload the video later...

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