Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Should Diddy Retire ??????

Diddy has been in the music industry for more than 15yrs.He has made consecutive hits for major artists such as Notorious B.I.G, Ma$e, Danity Kane and Day 26. I feel when it come to making his own album he has lost his touch with his single.. I feel this because on his last two albums there were only one hit singles on each album. Sincerely, I think he is losing his touch. He then decided to make a group named DIRTY MONEY who includes Dawn from Danity Kane and another girl who is yet to be heard of. I feel that this should be his last album because his music is getting boring when it comes to producing music for himself.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Banky W. a.k.a. Mr. Capable has done it again! The video of his song that a handful of people heard a couple of times - and loved it - has finally come out... with a "back in the day" theme looking cute like he usually does... This song really hit me when I heard it on the radio-just once oh! I listened to the radio a lot for the next couple of days hoping I'll hear it again, but i didn't. Now it's on the Internet for me to see...finally... for me and the rest of the worlds to see...('s a great video)lol... I'm sure you guys will love it too...:-)


This is her new hit sweet dreams check out her new video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janet Jackson To Pay Tribute To Michael At The VMAs

Following the sudden death of MICHEAL JACKSON in June, his sister Janet will return to the VMA stage to pay musical tribute to her brother. On Sunday, Janet will make a special appearance at the VMAs to help open the show and honor MJ's career.

Monday, September 7, 2009

C. Milian and The Dream?????? Perfect couple?

A while ago... I heard that they were getting married... around about the same time that she said she was in the next bring it on movie that's coming out on DVD... didn't even make it to the movie theatres and the first thing that came to my mind was-????????????? huh?...(and the huh came after the question marks). Firstly- she's like 30. What the hell does she think she's looking for in a cheerleader movie...we get that high school musical people are old and are still in "high school" you kinda don't see it coming from her y'know...? Now focusing on the music... Is she really with him for love or is she just making a good publicist move? She has a couple of hits here and there, but that was a long time ago. Look at The Dream...he's a hit maker...producer, songwriter...he's like the whole package... To be honest though...we never really will know...that doesn't mean we can't will always talk...:)(that sucks!)

DRAKE: From "Degrassi" to "Classy"

The latest video from Drake feat. trey songz... Its a really hot song! He started out having minor roles on the degrassi show and now....he's kind of a big deal. He is soooo much OVER RATED right now...i wonder how he's gonna do it next year...Hope he's not a one album hit guy... Cause if his next album sucks...there's gonna be a lot of disappointed people.


So we weren't entirely surprised when we saw the many many Kanye videos of him doing something to the paparazzi. I mean, if you hear he's getting arrested, it usually involves him assaulting someone that is all up in his I totally get the privacy thing, but that kinda went out the window when he became famous. These are the major disadvantages of being known. I think he should just deal with it you know?... He's totally fresh, super - fly and all...i secretly crush on him...(well thats not a secret anymore)...but why does he have to be so angry? I think he should stop doing this to himself...the paparazzi peeps are just a waste of time.